Not all tracking platforms are built equal and therefore it is important to do your research and not choose a provider based on the monthly ‘price per vehicle’ cost alone.

Seemingly minor details such as being able to see the full address and postcode of a driving vehicle, or the direction it is travelling, can make a big difference to the usefulness of the system when applied to your business.

Good network coverage is essential to ensure a reliable service and so it is important to understand what type of SIM card will be installed in the device you purchase.

Last but certainly not least it is important to understand what type of warranty your device comes with and whether there are any set-up fees, or additional costs incurred as you use the service.


Award winning functionality, with regular updates at no additional cost. All services are developed in-house meaning additional features like vehicle checks and uploaded camera footage are accessible via the ERA tracking platform. This removes the need for third party logins and subscriptions as is the case with some other service providers. With a 99.9% service uptime over the last 6 years you can rely on Trackitnow.

The ERA Web tracking portal is available via any web browser with no requirement to download PC/Mac specific software. Our free ERA tracking apps for Apple and Android tablets and Smartphones give you visibility of your fleet when away from the office.

Like mobile phones, tracking devices work on SIM card technology. Many providers’ devices work on a single network which can result in lack of network coverage. Trackitnow devices are fitted with full UK Roaming SIM Cards, using all the major networks, to ensure the best possible coverage at all times.

Many tracking providers boast lifetime parts warranty but do not cover labour costs, charging up to £100 per device for an engineer callout. Trackitnow provides lifetime parts & labour warranty for all our rental devices therefore removing additional charges if you experience an issue.

When you receive a quote from Trackitnow, what you see is what you pay. We do not charge arbitrary ‘Documentation Fees’, ‘Connection Fees’ or ‘Airtime Fees’. Also the price you agree is fixed for the term of your agreement, meaning we will not increase your costs mid-term.

Some providers limit access to your historic data with access ranging from 30 days to 12 months. This is not very useful in the event of a historic customer/driver dispute or similar. In most cases you are expected to download your data in reports and file it in the event it may one day be needed. Some companies even charge to access your old data. Trackitnow provides access to your historic data for a minimum of 6 years at no extra cost. It can all be accessed and reported upon via the ERA tracking platform whenever you need it.

Trackitnow services are scalable which means we can work with you as your business grows. Being a privately financed company we are able to break our own contracts and upgrade you, without early cancellation fees, as your requirements change. Our private financing also means you will always be dealing directly with Trackitnow and not a third party finance company.

If you require service work not covered by warranty e.g. you want a device de-installed from one vehicle and re-installed in another, our pricing is one of the most competitive within the industry. For example, a de-installation with Trackitnow is almost half the price of some of the larger tracking providers.

Trackitnow was established in 2008 and despite having a large number of customers in the UK & Ireland, we remain a relatively small team compared to many other tracking companies.This means you will be able to maintain contact with the same friendly team member; whether that be our Sales Teams who will ensure you are getting the most out of your system through regular after sales care and training or our Support Team who are on hand to help with any issues or queries you may have.

Trackitnow works with a network of engineers throughout the UK & Ireland. This means we are able to accommodate installations and service work in multiple locations, removing the requirement for you to have all vehicles in one place and minimising downtime and impact on your business operations.

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