Auto Guardian

Auto Guardian

tin geofence alertStandard GeoFences (ERA Lite / ERA Essentials):

Our standard Geo-Fence zone feature enables SMS or email alerts any time a vehicle or asset arrives at or leaves a predefined area e.g. place of work, home or site address. It is possible to have automatic live situational awareness alerts based on your valuable asset and personnel movements on a 24/7/365 planned or unplanned basis.

Auto Guardian**:

Trackitnow’s Auto-Guardian (AG) feature is useful for situations when a vehicle or plant item has been left unattended in an area that has not been pre-protected by the use of a manually created Geo-Zone beforehand.

The AG feature automatically creates a Geo-Zone around the asset or vehicle when the ignition is turned off, enabling SMS and email alerts should your vehicle be unexpectedly towed away with the ignition remaining off.

Auto-Guardian also enables alerts in the event that your tracking device is disconnected from the vehicle battery, offering an extra layer of security

*Geo-Zone `Historical reporting` is available on Essentials only

**Check hardware for compatibility