Driver Behaviour (Optional Feedback Screen)

Driver Behaviour Feedback Screen

Harsh driving styles (braking, acceleration and corning) typically account for 10% of costly wear & tear to vehicles, whilst limiting excessive speeding can reduce fuel costs by up to 25% across your fleet.

Trackitnow enables you to monitor these behaviours and work with drivers to not only save money but ensure your business meets your duty of care to the drivers and members of the public.

Instances of undesirable driving behaviour are detected and logged within the ERA tracking platform, whilst easy-to-follow reports rank drivers by performance to identify individual and overall fleet strengths and areas of improvement.

Trackitnow’s optional Driver Behaviour Feedback screen alerts your drivers’ when a harsh driving event has been detected, encouraging them to improve their driving style. Improving driver behaviours not only improves driver safety but reduces unnecessary vehicle wear and tear costs.

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