Full Reporting

All of our reports have been designed to give you the information required to run your business efficiently.

You can instantly view your fleet’s performance reports as required, or choose to have the reports automatically emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis without having to login to the system. With over 30 reports to choose from, you can be sure that we have a report that fits your requirements.

We store the tracking data for a minimum of 6 years and the historical reporting is instantly available when required. All reports are available in PDF and most in Excel formats.

Scheduled reports can be automatically emailed to the relevant members of your team (e.g. Timesheets to Accounts) to ensure smooth operation and improved productivity.

Just some of the key reports available to help you manage your fleet are:


This shows the start and stop time, along with miles driven and number of stops for every day.


This shows details on every journey taken including full address, Geofence Zone, time taken, trip costs and much more.


This will show all journeys where the vehicle exceeded the maximum speed limit set by your company.

Group Report

This will show totals for miles driven, time driving, time stopped, idling costs, driving costs and much more.

Other reports include:

Idling, Zone Reports, Out-of-Hours Usage, Engine Hours, Trip Stops, Business / Private Mileage & many more