CanBUS Integration

Trackitnow’s Advance tracking solution in conjunction with our own FMS gateway and our ‘damage free’ CANBus connection system will read the onboard CANBus network and extract the important information and send this directly to our secure servers.

Only a small percentage of HGV vehicles come equipped with an FMS gateway, and the Trackitnow solution comes complete with our own FMS Gateway and ‘damage free’ CANBus connectors. The Trackitnow FMS Gateway can easily be reprogrammed to nearly all HGV vehicles. This saves the fleet owners the headache of having to retrofit manufacturer FMS Gateways on their fleet and can save up to £1200 per vehicle.

Trackitnow use ‘damage free’ connectors so that the vehicles wiring warranty is not invalidated.

Information obtained from the on board CANBus:

  • Actual fuel consumption
  • Cruise control active
  • Vehicle distance
  • Revs

Benefits of the Trackitnow CANBus solution:

  • Understand the vehicles actual MPG
  • Achieve fuel savings
  • Review drivers use of electronic aids on the vehicle

Trackitnow have worked directly with fleet managers to understand the important information they wish to receive from the vehicles CANBus. Over the past 12 months we have developed a set of reports that helps the fleet manager understand:

  • Best MPG per vehicle
  • The average MPG per vehicle
  • Overall savings available
  • Use of the vehicles electronic aids - Cruise control use on journeys

When used in conjunction with the trackitnow era software, you can group similar vehicles together and then report on a like for like basis. Our customers typically identify improvements of 1 – 2 mpg per vehicle, and are working with their drivers to realise these savings.