Driver ID

Employing a Driver ID system enables visibility of who is driving which vehicle, a key tool for businesses operating a pool of vehicles with multiple drivers.

Driver ID enables fleet operators to manage their resources and maintain their duty of care; linking driving licence records to ensure drivers only drive vehicles they are qualified for.

Driver ID ties vehicle activity information to the specific driver. A wide range of reports can be produced to give insight into vehicles driven and driver based timesheets.


Trackitnow offer a number of Driver ID Solutions via our ERA Essentials and ERA Advanced tracking platforms:

  • Hardware Driver ID* solutions require a receiver for drivers to tag into with a unique RFID Fob or Dallas Key. An audible reminder sounds until they do so.
  • Virtual Driver ID enables drivers to be manually assigned to a vehicle via the eraWeb tracking portal.
  • Driver APP - Trackitnow’s vehicle check app can be configured to also function as a driver ID solution, communicating with the tracking platform to assign the driver to the vehicle upon completing their defect checks.

*Hardware Driver ID is unavailable with self-install devices.

Benefits of Driver ID:

  • Gain real-time information about your driver’s activity
  • Gain insights into vehicle activity and utilisation
  • Automate your drivers’ timesheets
  • Ensure drivers are carrying out work allocated to them
  • Identify and reward efficient and safe drivers. Identify development opportunities in others.
  • Be alerted when unidentified or unqualified drivers are operating your vehicles.
  • Gain 100% visibility of your mobile workforce, helping to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Instant Messaging to Drivers


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