Trackitnow offers two easy-to-fit self-install tracking solutions:

motion 2 obd tracker

a plug ‘n’ play tracker which simply fits into your vehicle's diagnostics port.

motion wp tracker

a waterproof battery connected device which simply connects to the live and negative terminals of your vehicle’s battery (or any permanent power source) via two wires.

Benefits include:

  • Cost Saving: removal of installation labour costs make self-install devices a more cost effective solution than professionally installed devices.
  • Quick Install / Less Downtime: devices can be installed in minutes without any specialist knowledge or tools.
  • Easily Transferable Between Vehicles: an ideal choice for transient fleets employing temporary subcontractors, where leased or rented vehicles are used, or where a vehicle will be replaced in the near future.
  • ERA Solution: Trackitnow self-install devices are compatible with both our ERA Lite and ERA Essentials tracking platforms.
    Use the ERA Comparison tool to see which tracking platform is the most suitable for your fleet.
  • Free Tracking Apps: free smartphone/tablet tracking apps for iOS and Android make it easy to locate your vehicles when away from the office.
  • Optional Extras: self-install devices are compatible with optional features such as

Self-Install not right for you? Check out our Pro-install solution instead